Heating up: Raising Awareness

Climate change is an issue that has really gained steam (no pun intended) in the past decade, making it a definitive issue of our generation. 2015 was the hottest year on record, and is only projected to keep rising. Since 1970, the northern hemisphere has lost a million square miles of snowpack, as addressed by Protect Our Winters. 

Awareness, activism, and action are all being made possible through the participatory culture created by social media. This narrative is what makes climate change a decidedly post-modern topic of discussion.

Winter sports in Colorado attract a demographic which is quickly identifiable: typically, your average skier and snowboarder is middle or upper class. We can assume this based on the disposable time, transportation abilities, and most importantly, the money the activity requires. A firm grasp of who we are targeting with our message is crucial in clear communication and a motivating call to action.

Winter tourism is an industry in Colorado that supports nearly 40,000 jobs in Colorado, and nearly one million jobs nationwide according to a 2009-10 census.This is valuable information from an advocacy standpoint, because knowing our audience’s motivations allows us to more efficiently disseminate information to them that they will find important.

Using various media outlets we can share with these people, and others who would be affected, like anyone who enjoys Colorado’s vast Rocky Mountains recreationally or professionally.

Climate change is a landscape entrenched in Transmedia Storytelling. By sharing our narrative of awareness, advocacy, and action through multiple platforms, including Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram. We are creating digital content spread throughout a network of various outlets, creating in turn an experience unique to any of the individual media that compose it. The success of this movement is largely based on participatory culture and people spreading the narrative globally through platforms we all use.








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