Virtual Communication and Participatory Culture

The key to any movement is awareness. The internet offers an incredible world-wide communication tool, connecting humans across the globe like never before. However, unless its users are actively arguing, offering new points of view, and sharing to new audiences, this tool’s full potential cannot be achieved.

Participatory culture plays a huge role in our conservation movement. Without people disseminating information and creating content for the movement, it would be impossible to reach out to our target demographic. Environmental conservation is a movement primarily involved with younger generations. Millennials participate online more than any other generation, so the internet is the best way to connect with them.

Online platforms like YouTube help portray our vision, because video is more effective than words, in showing what we hope to help preserve. Snow sports organizations do an excellent job at filming their works and distributing them through various sites. These videos are a quick and easy way to entertain the viewers of the site. Paired with educational content, we are able to both inform the viewers, and entertain them,making them more likely to stay on the site.

Google is another tool that improves our communication, contrary to what Nicholas Carr believes. Google is so fluid and user-friendly that it makes content easy to find. Using Google is a skill as common with students as writing and using the library used to be. Humans may somewhat of a dependency to technology, but that is the way the world is evolving. It is not making the communication “stupid”, it is just putting the communication in a way that fits the modern world. Google gives users the ability to find nearly endless amounts of content, varying from basic to advanced information. Google also gives users multiple platforms to view the information that they are seeking to learn, with text, video and images.

The modern world is evolving and so is the way humans communicate. In order to keep up with the times, snow conservation groups must continue to have a virtual presence, and communicate globally.



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